Modern Mahogany Wood Geometric Succulent Planters


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Designed for small succulents, small cactus or air plants.

These planters are a perfect addition for just your office, living room, bedroom, kitchen…yep, they will look great anywhere! Looking for a fresh way to spruce up your dining table for holiday entertaining? Look no further!

Wood is an amazing material to work with. It has a life of its own and each piece has a unique history that is communicated through its grain pattern. Like snowflakes, the wood grain pattern is never seen twice. This is one of nature’s greatest art forms as each grain pattern is a unique masterpiece of design, texture and splendor, uncommonly and marvelously intricate. This may be seen as a drawback to a material used in mass production but, for me, I see this as a unique starting point to design from. For this reason, I hand select wood to use only the most distinctive grain patterns available. These are handcrafted from all natural hardwoods, no stains or dyes are used. My products are meant to resonate on a very personal level with their owners. Rather than having something mass produced from a large manufacturer, the individual nature of the solid wood in my products makes each owner’s piece truly unique to them.

Each planter is a unique, one of a kind creation and you will be sent what is available from our current stock. If you have a preference to what one you would like we encourage you to leave a note saying so however, these are not mass produced and no two will ever be alike!

Planter dimensions are approximate, each one will be different. Generally they are 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 3 1/4". The planting hole is a 2 1/4" diameter. Planter will come with stainless-steel insert to plant in. Please do not plant directly into wood hole.

Plants are not included.


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Please note that all of the items we sell are handmade. I do hand select the wood for woodgrain orientation and color variation. Due to this, each piece will vary from the picture listed.

Caring for your address planter: Your all wood planter will expand and contract during different seasons. It is normal for the side panels to show this movement. Planter boxes have one coat of exterior deck sealer on them and you will need apply one coat every year at the end of the summer. I recommend wiping the wood with a mixture of one part neutral mineral spirits to one part mineral oil every month during the planters first year in the environment. Keeping the wood sealed will help make your planter box last.

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